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Herman Miller, Inc., based in Zeeland, Michigan, is an American company that produces office furniture and equipment, and home furnishings. Its signature products include the Equa chair, Aeron chair, Noguchi table, Marshmallow sofa, and the Eames Lounge Chair. Herman Miller is credited with the invention of the office cubicle (originally known as the "Action Office") in 1968 under then-director

A former employee said, "I wouldn't go back to Herman Miller. Too much drama, and political problems. As a temporary employee we did as much if not more than the regular employees for half the pay."


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Former Employee - Marketing says

"Herman Miller's culture prioritizes their vision of "diversity" over performance - See "Corporate Cancer" by Vox Day. VP's knowingly ignored catastrophic flaws in business initiatives to protect themselves. Compliance is rewarded, not performance."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Too many to list here! The other reviews are accurate. This is high school, cool kids (not the smart ones) run the place and only if you are part of the in crowd will you be effective or promoted.... your ability to succeed is based upon who like you not how effective you are at your job. It has taken 2 years of a re-org that is still not final and has crippled the organization, and the lack of decision making and providing no direction is tolerated. After hiring dozens of EVPs, C suite and millions of dollars in salary of outsiders with no clue and over paid - they are trying to lay people off because of COVID - it’s not Covid - it horrible leadership And overall leadership is not respected. Want to work in a culture of selfish, self centered popularity contest ... you found your place"

Current Employee - Senior Manager says

"A more than year-long, piecemeal re-org has crippled the organization's ability to accomplish inspired, meaningful, or innovative work. Most VPs, SVPs and C-Suite are embarrassingly disconnected, breeding complacency among the white-collar West Michigan worker bees. Fortunately, the beautiful Holland-based "Design Yard" campus is full of diverse office settings well suited for hand wringing and thumb-twiddling. There have been many warning signs but even the most optimistic employees knew that decision-making was impaired and trouble afoot when, at an all-hands meeting approximately two years ago, it was enthusiastically announced that Board Member and failed Toys R Us CEO, David Brandon, was tasked to lead Herman Miller’s own executive search. Brandon was ousted and Toys R Us liquidated not long thereafter. Hard gulp. The Global Creative Studio (brand dept) has a reputation and history of being painfully slow, non-collaborators, with ineffective project management. Despite a long history of mediocrity, the leaders of this practice area, and a detached sense of complacency, have curiously remained in place. Eighteen months into the tenure of a new CEO has yet to produce a vision that employees feel they can proudly co-own. Corporate headlines (strategy?) like "Unlocking the Power One Herman Miller" lack any real depth or action beyond a few generic bullet points buried in a shareholder presentation."

Former Employee - Other says

"HIGHLY political....it is even stated by high level executives that performance is not as important as relationships. Promotions and hiring are based upon who you know and who you socialize with on weekends etc. In fact, I have seen people who have high performance, do the right thing for the company get fired because they stepped on the wrong persons toes. Many silos, people only care about themselves and their group. In many cases incentives are conflicting with doing the right thing or doing what is best for the company or customer. NOT customer focused. Heard a customer say we breath our own exhaust."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you’re an average, white, heterosexual, you’re going nowhere. It’s worse if you’re a middle-class Christian."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very Poor Management, Most of the perceived corporate culture is window dressing. 1 to 2 percent pay increases, while executives get 6 or 12 percent, plus huge bonuses compared to regular employees capped tiny bonus."

Former Employee - Material Handler says

"Haha this place is a con. Gave them 10 years, they gave me unemployment. They don’t care about you or your family. Only the next promotion or bonus they can grab. Leadership takes more and more and then dumps the scrap onto you."

Current Employee - Material Handler says

"You'll work mandatory 12 hours during the week."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is more concerned with talking behind people's backs, afraid to empower employees, and lack the ability to truly become a globally connected company. New ideas are constantly seconded guessed or dismissed altogether. As a whole, the mid, senior and executive leadership lack the vision, poise, and experience to inspire their employees to do great things."

Former Employee - Fabrication Tech says

"If your a hard worker. You'll go NO where in the company. Because you are the person that is expected to get the production done. If your a slacker/do nothing type of person. You'll move right on up the company ladder. And women........Lets just say I wouldn't let my Mom or Sister work there."

None yet (Former Employee) says

"There are a lot of non minorities in the company that treats others disrespectful, there should be more diversity training and education on working with different races and cultures. nonnon diverse"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Left, was constructive dismissal, would never go back, would recommend you seek employment elsewhere. Toxic. Specific targeting of employees when others are let off lightly. Lies told about you, which have to be dismissed many times. Told HR things in confidence, HR then told managers."

Showroom Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Diversity and inclusivity is well respected and they want you bring your whole self to work everyday. Indivuality is what makes Herman Miller teams successful."

Warehouse/ factory (Current Employee) says

"Horrible place to work never again not very nice company to work for an not nice staff to work with they lie to get u to stay giving u hope for a job but never will never againLunch is unpaidNot long hours"

Journeyman (Former Employee) says

"Culture is a joke unless you are on the board. Huge disconnect between upper management and everyone else. If you have anything less than an MBA plan on being underpaid, overworked, with the plpd of insurance.You sometimes get breaks.Pay, benefits, management, more responsibility than you want."

Machine operator/Fabrication (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't go back to herman miller. Too much drama, and political problems. As a temporary employee we did as much if not more than the regular employees for half the pay."

Factory Worker (Former Employee) says

"The job sounded good,But the manger i had was awful and got me fired for asking for help when i was forced into a job i had no idea how to do and then when i asked to be transferred he got me fired.free food somtiemsshort breaks"

Professional Level (Former Employee) says

"I was bullied by management, discriminated against, and harassed by employees. However, I gained invaluable industry experience that propelled me forward in my career. I currently work in a much healthier environment and have realized there are better companies out there. And I wasn't even fired to have this much internal strife! 😄Clean environment, on-site cafeteria, standing height workstationWorking with India, disrespectful management, dysfunctional department."

Manufacturing Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management is terrible at Herman Miller, you can't advance unless you are one of the bosses favorites, it should depend on your work ethic. And management are very rude and treat there employees like they're beneath them."

Dock Supervisor of Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"not a good place to work, long time people could swear at you with no punishments, hit you with hilo with no rite up and still have there job, just a bad place to work,got to leave at lucnchnot a paid lunch"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"I'm not a yes man I tell people about themselves as they do me. People don't know how to be human anymore. This place is not for people they need machines."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Pay is terrible, seriously. Good starter job if you don't go to college. Go for facilitator right as you get there, and suck up, or you'll struggle to advance. If you'd really like to advance, be terrible at your job, but be best buds with your team lead, not kidding. Also watch your back, the environment is competitive. They will eat you alive if they have the chance.Job security.Pay, advancment, and co-workers"

Material Handler/Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"Cut throat workplace that doesnt value their employees. They only care about getting the work out, and not about their employees health and well being. They have steadily taken benefits away from the employees every year since they bought our company.Decent payAbuse people on a daily basis"

Manufacturing Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for 21 years. I left for another company because company playing politics and unfair for employees been with high seniority. High seniority means nothing to the company. They promote guy kids coming in standing around doing nothing, while watching you working hard.Get your hoursToo many people team members standing around doing nothing, while you working hard."

Manufacturing associate (Former Employee) says

"It was a bad place to work. I wasted 11 months of my life there through addeco. I never missed a day or was late and always made rate and didn't get hired. The place is chaos. You have 20 minutes worth of work to do and 97.5 seconds to do it. Gotta blow your nose or tie your shoe? HA can't do that here, you'll have all your supervisors on your back to see why you stopped working. Pay is fair for area and hours are plentiful, not worth it though. There are much better employers nearby.PayEverything else"

Manufacturing Associate (Current Employee) says

"I loved working there until my line was recently shut down. I haven't been able to win a bid on another job either. Frustrating!! Things need to change!!Decent pay and vacation timeNobody cares"

Frame Builder (Current Employee) says

"Worked here for 3 years so far. There is NO opportunity to advance in the company. Have ask to be placed in other jobs that have become available, but they hire outside help instead. I worked through a temp agency for 11 plus months before being hired on. One of the most stressful jobs I have ever had.Steady workNo opportunity to advance in company, repetitive, stressful work"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"No communication skills, they don't talk to you.. instead of fixing a problem, they just let you go. Co workers are friendly, not helpful information about what exactly needs to be done"

Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"This was definitely a great place to earn a decent living starting out. I worked 3rd shift. Not a very attractive atmosphere to be in. Everyone there is pretty negative and unhappy. But that's expected in any factory.good money, listen to musicpoor atmosphere"

Material mover (Current Employee) says

"My WTL is continually negative towards me. A person that says to you i am not singling you out probably is singling you out i am always blamed by wtl for things that happen in the department. He continually lies about me to his manager and to others. He shows favoritism towards other in the department. Has told me he is taking me out of the position i was hires for in favor of someonesomeone he limes better"

Maria says

"So, I purchased the HERMAN MILLER X LOGITECH G EMBODY GAMING CHAIR, got it fairly fast, didn't show up with the G502 Lightspeed mouse as advertised. The build quality is great, this is something Herman miller is very good at, I have owned the Mirra prior to this chair and wanted to get something a little more comfortable, while this is better than the Mirra, it's not really worth the price of admission as the comfort is mediocre to what I have heard from supposed reviews online, the chair honestly shouldn't be more than $1000 USD, in Canada I ended up paying just over $2000 CAD for it, while I will keep the chair I think it really needs more functionality for the price. As for customer service, John is an extremely abrupt and rude person, not sure if I'm the only one that had to deal with this poor customer service. They also removed this review from their website, So I can assume they also do the same thing to many others. Very Shady and Poor business practices."

Jordan says

"This company is extremely shady. Do not purchase from them. I tried to return my $1,300 chair two weeks after purchase because it is cheaply made. It took two months and eight hours of phone calls to have the refund issued. Meanwhile, I was charged several hundred dollars worth of interest on my credit card that they won’t refund despite their delays. Apparently four weeks of the delay was because their accounting team negligently entered the refund amount and their system rejected it. No one contacted me about this. When I followed up, I dealt with Evon, who was extremely rude and condescending. He outright told me that I would not be offered anything for the inconveniences, refused to transfer me to a manager, and laughed at me when I said I planned to follow up on this terrible customer service. I still haven’t received my refund despite all this time and effort, and having returned the chair over a month ago."

Oscar says

"Your employee Michael Chartrand is NOT a good person to deal with. He misunderstood something on our website and proceeded to threaten us with a bad online review if he didn't get what he wanted. We will not do business with people like this."

Lisa “Buckbuckmow” Buckland says

"DON'T ORDER FROM THEM. They said our chair would be several days after my order. No ship and no update. Sent three emails with no response. Their "chat" service is useless and there are usually 30 people ahead of you when you call. TERRIBLE. I wish I'd seen these reviews before hand."

Michael Decker Denogginizer says

"Ordered back in August, and I was aware of long lead times, it was tolerable to get the chair October 3, since it would probably ship sooner. Then I log in to the site a week ago and see the ship date is now December 3. Two full months later for a $1600 chair when I'd probably be back at the office. Spend your money elsewhere, I'm looking at the steelcase that I know is going to be here by the weekend from Amazon. Just on hold now for 45+ minutes trying to cancel my order. Already emailed them 3 days in a row with no response. The icing on the cake is the website says: "How long does it take for delivery? When you order from our website, we ensure that the order gets processed within 24 hours / 1 working day and gets shipped within seven business days of order placed and delivered within the delivery time of the product, mentioned on the product page." This is laughable."

Paul says

"What a joke of customer service / website / company that is. They might make a best chair in the world or rather they might have the best PR in the world, but their approach to treating customers is so amazing I couldn't resist to leave a review for. Background - I run small furniture business, so I know what I'm talking about. Went online to buy a chair for myself, after all research decided to pull a trigger on famous Aeron chair. Went to their website. Now, browser extension applied some coupon, so after a discount chair appeared in more tolerable $900 pricerange instead of $1400. Oopsie, payment didn't go through. Message on a website said something like "your order can not be processed, maybe it's because high order number, wait few minutes and try again". Ok. I wait few minutes. Try again. Same message. Trying few times in few hours. SAME message. Trying different browsers / computers. Same message. I'm trying again next day. Nope. Same thing. I try Paypal - after payment is submitted nothing happens and I just redirected to a website. Money is not taken off the card. After few first failed attempts I tried calling. Spent 65+ minutes on hold one day, and 40+ minutes another. No luck. No one picked up. Damn, even Verizon hold times are shorter. And in the end, you know, you can speak to someone. Not here. Sent customer service an email. Got an automated response that they will generally respond to emails within 5 business days ... F###ing 5 business days, are you kidding me? Is there the same guy who labels boxes and prints out invoices answers all email as well? ... :) Next I tried chat on website which is not actually live chat - you kinda send messages offline and hope somene responds. Someone replied in few hours saying 'oh, we know about this issue, are you trying apply any coupons? if so, coupons are for employers and will be verified against your email. so if you want to buy a chair clear your cookies, empty your browser and try without a code. sorry, chair is not for sale (right, just for somebody from a right company it's few hundred dollars cheaper, but for you it's not for sale) - so sorry, bye'. And chat closed. I was literally in shock. Needless to say all my intention to buy any product from these f###s is completely gone. What about yours?... I mean I can get you can have special prices for some big organisations. The problem is not about that. The problem is absolute luck of any meaningful customer service + the way they handle this. What a disaster. Business in this form should not simply exist. Total nonsense."

James MH says

"Worst curriers on the planet by far. This piece of trash company was supposed to deliver a product to me on 27th August. The driver was out for delivery, he took a photograph of a random property not in my Road, or even in my town, and I received that photograph as an email with the description (order issues). No explanation as to why my product wasn't delivered, no explanation to what happens next, no refund, no answer to my answerphone message when I contacted this company. I get better service from Amazon when I order a £1 product than I do from this company when spending four figures. Sack your currier Inplace Ltd - worst in the world bar none!! Can't find address (a five year old with a smart phone can type in a postcode into Google maps) so give up and go home --- not acceptable!!!!!! read and take note of your reviews on here - 71% of your paying customers (without customers you don't have a business) think your service is APPALLING!!!"

Mirella Avesani says

"Paid an outrageous price for office furniture, was given a delivery leadtime prior to ordering that was confirmed at checkout. I log in to check on the status and the promise date has moved out by almost 2 months. 7 full weeks! No heads up email or apologies. Email customer service and they take 10 days to get back to you. Ridiculous and unacceptable for the prices they charge."

Fukuda law firm says

"I purchased a chair 11/15/19. Three weeks ago ( July 2020) I sent a warranty request regarding the wheels de-laminating. Delay, dely, deny is the service experience I received. They requested pictures, I emailed pictures. No response. When I inquired again they said, we can't open pictures. Please send in a different format. I did. No response. I inquired again. Sorry we never got pictures. I sent again. No response. I inquired, we still never got pictures. Sent again. nor response. I inquired, sorry, we still never got pictures. I sent each picture in a separate email. We got your pictures and our people say after a number of years the wheels build up and you need to clean your wheels. (never mind that a received the chair from their website only a few months ago). PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY Sidenote, there is no Yahoo website to review this company. I wonder why???????"

Anonymous says

"Ordered a chair for which I my credit card was billed. Delivery date was set for a month later. Over 2 months later, still no chair. The website's order tracking page just says that it's "being processed" (for the past 2 months continuously). Contacted customer service for a revised delivery date, and they said that my order didn't exist in their system. I forwarded them my receipt, order number, and a screenshot of the order tracking page and then they stopped replying to my e-mails. Called their customer service to get an update on my delivery 2 weeks later. They said they would sort it all out and get back to me within 24h, but they never did. It's one week later, and still no word from their customer service even after another voicemail and follow-up e-mail. All of my interactions with them were pleasant enough, but for whatever reason they aren't following up on things. At the end of the day, they've charged me >$1000 for something that is a month over its delivery date with no heads up from them or update even when I reach out :( Based on this experience, I would not recommend Herman Miller."

Roxanne Elise says

"We ordered an Embody chair mid-February, with the understanding it would arrive mid-March. It finally arrived on March 18, but the headrest was snapped from the back of the chair. We emailed / called right away, went through the process of taking photos of the damage upon arrival with customer service. CS was supposed to send us a new chair, but they never did. We followed up multiple times. Eventually we hear back that a new chair will be shipped in May. Guess what, that chair never came either. Finally we had enough and opened a paypal claim to get our money back since Herman Miller is completely unresponsive. Their "offer" was for us to send the chair back AT OUR EXPENSE for a full refund. This is awful customer service. We're stuck with a broken $1600 chair and can't get it replaced. I reached out on social media and they responded, so I hope they make this right, but that remains to be seen."

Larry Madill says

"Purchased an Embody office chair during their 15% off sale. Waited 5 weeks for it to be shipped out. Finally got it, and they sent the wrong chair. They sent a cheaper model Aeron chair. I spent 40 minutes waiting just to speak to a representative. When I did get through they acknowledged their mistake, asked for photos as proof and then sent me a return label. I lugged the chair back to Fedex and sent it the next day. And I waited for my Embody chair to ship. And waited. And waited. Almost a full month before I received a shipping notice that it had been sent via Fedex with signature confirmation. In other words, Fedex Home Delivery was supposed to bring it directly to my door. Fedex Home Delivery refused to deliver my chair at least four times, claiming I wasn't at home when I was. Roughly two weeks into a cycle of Fedex refusing to deliver, calling Fedex, and getting told they would deliver the next day I gave up and requested it be sent to a Fedex Office about a block away for pick up. Fedex Home Delivery refused to do that even. I got up early and called Herman Miller. Again I had to wait about 40 minutes. Finally got in touch with a very nice CSR who said that they were being told by Fedex that Fedex was overwhelmed and couldn't really fulfill Herman Miller store deliveries. OK. So, in other words, Herman Miller is selling products and asking Fedex to deliver them, even though Fedex is telling HM they can't deliver in a timely fashion. Or at all. After another round of phone calls from myself and the HM Store CSR Fedex finally drops it off and I go pick it up. The shipping crate is almost trashed. Completely. I roll the chair out of the crate. Two castors have been knocked off, the chair is covered in dust, and I notice that part of the seat cover is detached. Closer inspection I realize its broken. Not wanting to return a chair for a second time, I was able to re-attach the seat cover and bypass the broken piece. During this fiasco, I tried calling the HM Store... and there were at least 40 callers ahead of me. I sent them an email of photos of the damage and the broke piece. I asked for replacement parts, refund on the shipping, and a partial refund. Really not expecting much though. The chair is comfortable, the fiasco to get it was not worth it, however. When you call Herman Miller the reps will blame everything on the pandemic but they are continuing to sell product during a pandemic. They are continuing to contract with Fedex Home Delivery which has apparently told them it can't even deliver properly. If you sell a $2000 chair you need to have the service to back it up. Or you just need to stop."

C Favretto says

"I’ve now called the Healthy Back Sotre twice and Herman Miller 3 times about my order of a Sayl Chair when I started working from home at the beginning of May. After spending a considerable sum I would at least expect to get some sort of indication of when the chair will be arriving (my back is hurting from being in a sub-standard chair, and if I knew it would take this long I would have ordered from another company). The Healthy Back Store told me they had no information on when the chair would ship, and when I call HM their “hold” message just repeats the same thing over and over again every few seconds, a tactic clearly used to get us to hang up. I have tried leaving messages, but never heard back after I did. I expected better from a company with an international reputation, but clearly they do not value their individual customers, probably ignoring them over big institutional orders. So folks: if your back or derrière are aching after a day of working from home and sitting on sub-standard chairs, DO NOT decide to go for broke and order Herman Miller...we’ll be back at work long before your chair arrives."

Mike Juneau says

"Been waiting three months for my order to process for an almost 2k chair to use to work from home. Every time I call customer service, they give me lip service about how it’s going to take another couple weeks to ship. Look elsewhere for more reasonably priced chairs and a company that is reliable and honest with their clientele. ***Update*** HM reached out to me and apologized for this treatment. They have two day shipped my chair, and gave me a further discount on the price of it. I appreciate them trying to make this right. I would bring them up to 3 stars but this site won’t let me change the score."

Rafael Chaves says

"Exactly as Ashley reported below, I just went through the exact same problem. This was by far the WORSE purchase experience I have ever had, considering I'm buying a +£1,000 item! I purchased an Aeron chair on the Herman Miller website 2 days ago (May 11) where it clearly stated in a green blob in the chair picture "5 day delivery" - that now has been removed! This was the ONLY reason why I decided to purchase directly through them since John Lewis & Partners was £70 more expensive (which I was completely willing to pay - and eventually did) and with a 3-day delivery. Since it was only 2 days more, I decided to buy direct from the manufacturer. To start, only 48 hours after doing the purchase I received an email with my order confirmation. (Really? 48 hours to send an automated purchase confirmation?? In 2020??) Not only that, the confirmation now stated that it would be shipped from the warehouse on the May 26! The only reason I have purchased a +£1,000 office chair is because I had a severe back injury having to work many hours from home in a chair that wasn't proper for that so I didn't want to take any more chances. And therefore, everyday that I did not had an office chair was a big commitment and prejudice to my physical health. I then decided to call them and ask about this. Customer Service said that my request had only been processed today (May 13), that the minimum time to be shipped from warehouse was 10 working days, that "there is no sign saying 5 day delivery on the website", but my order would be somehow expedited in 7 days. Wait. What?! Because of all these discrepancies, I just decided to cancel my order and buy the chair from John Lewis & Partners, which took me less than 2 minutes and will arrive in 3 days (and on a Saturday). There was no problem to cancel my order but then I asked for a cancel confirmation since a pre-payment had already been done on my credit card. Customer Service then told me that I had to wait 24 more hours just to receive a canceling confirmation email. Aff. I asked to have at least some kind of proof that my order was canceled, because I didn't want to go through this again. She then said that the only way was to speak with her manager and that a transfer call could not be possible. The only way would be to send him a message (!) so I can get a call back. Not really solving my problem, is it Herman Miller?? For a very high end furniture store, with so many prizes and design awards, the online shopping experience is falling light-years behind the brand's reputation. I really hope this review serves as a feedback to improve the direct to consumer customer experience. The company has a great product, which I ended up buying anyway, but there is much improvement needed in marketing (commit to what you put up on the website) and logistics, your e-commerce system (48 hour confirmation emails? It's probably better if you just have someone do it manually), a Customer Service that looks more like Customer Success, and a better coordination between all of them. Then maybe you'll start living back up to the brand you once was."

Ashley Patton says

"Website states 5 days delivery, specifically detailed during the pandemic. This is a promise in times out of the ordinary. This is day 8 and still no product. Now the weekend so it won’t be here on days 9 or 10 either I expect. Customer service emails were vague and non-commital, missing any specific details such as courier company and tracking number. You tell me it’s shipped, where is the evidence? Online web portal not working to show order status, which may have had these details. Calling customer service, 25 minutes of being directly on hold and gave up. Entirely pathetic processes, considering their products are over £1000 per chair. This is not the way to run an e-commerce enterprise. They sell products to cater for the highest demanding, so should deliver to that level of expectation. Let’s hope the chair is actually worth it, if it ever arrives."

Rob Wilkaus says

"Pretty good chair, not so good customer service"

JP says

"UPDATE: Herman Miller finally delivered my replacement chair, which is much better than my original Sayl chair that was defective. Following my complaints, Herman Miller's customer service improved, but I think customer service and communication should've been excellent throughout my experience, especially for a company with Herman Miller's reputation. Also, I have informed Herman Miller to partner with another delivery company rather than Pilot, which has a bad track record, since it's an extension of the Herman Miller brand. ------------------------------------------------------------- I’m very disappointed with my overall experience with Herman Miller from the product to customer service. I purchased a Sayl chair in early September that was defective, and I still have not received a replacement chair. Herman Miller chairs are well-designed, but the build quality is average and the price premium is unwarranted. More importantly, customer service is below average and disappointing given the Herman Miller brand name. My new Sayl chair needed to be replaced due to excessive noise. After several weeks, Herman Miller sent me a replacement chair but it arrived damaged. Another chair was ordered, but I’ve been without an office chair for 40 days and 75 days since I reported the issue. The communication and updates from Herman Miller customer service have been frustrating. For each replacement chair, I had to reach out to Herman Miller for a status update, and the information provided such tracking numbers have been incorrect. Additionally, there’s miscommunication between Herman Miller and it’s delivery partner, Pilot, which has a terrible track record. I had to reach out to Pilot each time, while Pilot does not return phone calls, sometimes hangs up and does not follow delivery instructions. I would like Herman Miller to deliver the product and service that it's supposed to stand for ASAP"

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